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The "mommy" party goes bonzai

It's just had enough of being dissed

I mean, I know we Democrats are the mommy party and all, but push mommy far enough and she becomes a screaming bitch on wheels. What did they expect?

Digby in Hullabaloo, responding to a "Weakly Standard" article, via Matthew Yglesias, in which the author warns the Left that its extemism may produce an ugly counter-reaction. Joel Engel suggests a Mussolini-style replay, where a plurality of voters puts a right-wing authoritarian leader into power because they just can't bear the "irrational railing" by Michael Moore-ish "demagogues," "angry men" such as Gore and Soros, and intemperate judges such as Calabrese. Digby responds to the recurrent theme from Repubs that Dems have gone over-the-top in decrying the behaviors of the Bush Administration:

Once again, we see the right's blindness to its own actions over the last 15 years. ...[A]pparently it doesn't occur to these believers in civil discourse that their eliminationist right wing rhetoric of the last decade and a half --- and a president who literally tells us to go f** ourselves --- is what has spawned this reaction from the left. [...] They believe they've just been sitting around being polite and restrained and out of the blue the left has come out swinging.

This after we moved the party way to the center, gave them a successful moderate republican president for two terms who they then impeached and after they completely disregarded the disputed election returns and governed as if they had a mandate.

Digby doesn't dispute Engle's warning about a pendulum swing -- he just thinks the pendulum's swinging the other way: "Duck. The pendulum's about to hit you in the face."


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