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Rants on mainstream media -2 -- {DNC night 2}

So what if it's scripted -- they're just lazy -- Comments by Pandagon on the Democratic convention

This Dan Rather piece reveals every single stupid thing wrong with convention coverage. I respect Rather a great deal less after reading this, because it's the laziest, soppiest sack of sh*t I've ever read. Nothing's dropped into the media's lap, so instead of trying to find a story about something, anything, he just bitches.


Yes, this thing is scripted. It's political theater. Take it apart. Do something with it. Why is it so scripted? Who was in charge of the scripting? What is the impression left by the scripting? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? How are people influenced by the fact that the media told them they were going to be watching the worst thing ever produced, and then showed it to them? Right now, Rather and many of his compatriots sound like teenagers at an art film - it sucks because there's nothing really blowing up and the naked chick had small tits.

There's almost no analysis of the convention, because all I'm reading is how f***ing bored these people are and how much everything f***ing sucks. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is more f***ing boring and sucky than anything I've seen on the floor.

Do any of these people even realize that they didn't carry the single most important moment of the convention (Obama's speech) thus far live? One of the truly great political moments of the past few years, and because there's no bands in the parking lot or anyone doing crazy sh*t, it's just not important.

Instead, we get to hear about Kerry's god**m**d space suit a hundred times, because the media only cares about scripted appearances when there's something to demolish.

What is the message that Democrats are sending? If you're watching television, it's this vague idea of "themes" (whatever the group at hand decided the people were saying, so long as it fits into the storyline of anti-Bush Democrats trying to put on a poorly constructed facade for the sake of swing voters) combined with the suspenseful watch to see if Talking Head X is bored enough to play Snake on his cell phone.

Oddly enough, I'm not that bored at the convention. But that's also because I'm not waiting around for KISS to parachute in from the ceiling. If nothing interesting's happening on the floor, I go look for something else. Strange...yet exciting.

Posted by Jesse Taylor at Pandagon at July 28, 2004 02:47 AM


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